How to Save Money using cashback websites.

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I am buying stuff online for many years now.  The one thing that I like the most is to get discounted rates and saving money over and above all the discounts.

 Do you know?, Online shopping websites offer a discount that is fantastic compared to offline merchants in the form of a sales campaign. 

Now let’s understand how we can save money from online shopping? 

In the form of cashback!

What is cashback?

cashback is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

Why someone will give you money back when you are buying from them?

The sellers do not give money back to you instead seller pays the amount to those who promote their products. Now, these promoters want to share their earned fees with the customers so that customer always buys from their promoted links.

Now everyone is happy. Sellers are getting more orders, promoters are getting more promotion fees and customers are saving a little extra than what they would have missed.

Do you want to save more now?

If the answer is Yes so this article is for you. You purchase as usual and save extra for every order you make.

Before I explain how you can save money while shopping online, let’s understand why these cashback websites provide us cashback.

Top cashback website that I use personally

I have used the below website to earn cashback online. 


Cashkaro is one of the most trusted websites for cashbacks. They provide cashback in the form of rewards and cashback(Real Money). When you get the reward you can convert them to Amazon or Flipkart coupons and use to buy anything from these websites. If you get cashback from them, you can directly transfer that into your account. It’s actually your real cash saving. The minimum amount you can transfer to your bank account is 250 RS.

How it works

Step-1 Sign up on Cashkaro

Create an account on cashkaro. To Sign up click here. Sign up is FREE.

You only need to put your email Id and some basic details. Also, you can use your facebook account to log in.

Step-2 Click on the deal you like

Once you are signup you will receive an email to confirm your account. You are done. You took your first step towards saving money while shopping online.

Now its time to find the best deal on the product you want to buy. Find the retailer by searching for them on the website. There are many deals available with most of the online retailers.

Cashkaro Rewards
Find the deal and discount coupon

Here you can find the discount coupons if there are any.

Step-3 Shop at retailer website

Once you click on the deal it will redirect you to the retailer website. Remember at this stage do not close your browser otherwise the cashback will not be tracked.

Step-3 Get cashback automatically

Shop normally on the website and your cashback will be tracked automatically. It takes around 48 to 74 hours to get your cashback tracked.

Once your cashback will be tracked you will receive an email from cashkaro including the cashback amount and retailer name.

Now let’s see some pros and cons of these cashback websites.


  • This website works on a business model which is a win-win situation for a customer.
  • Always pays your earn cashback.
  • You can get cash in the bank account or you can get a voucher of Amazon or Flipkart of the same amount.


Sometimes the cashback does not get approved from the retailer and hence these websites will not provide you the cashback.

My Savings 

My Earning

The above screenshot shows my savings using cashkaro. I have already withdrawn the amount in my bank account.

Feel free to add comments if you have some other/better way to save money for online shopping.

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