What are effective ways of saving money as a student


What are effective ways of saving money as a student?

Money saving Tips
Money in pocket

Start saving from Day 1

The day never comes when you have spare money to save. This is my personal experience. We always think to spend first and then save if we are left with some amount.

This habit puts us in a position where we are left with no money and hence zero savings.

Let’s take a challenge of saving 10% to 30% challenge

Even if we are students we get some money from our parents as Pocket Money. We should always create a habit of saving at least 10% to 30% of our monthly pocket money.

Take the 1p saving challenge.

If taking a 20% to 30% saving challenge looks a big commitment for you then you should take 1p challenge.

What is the 1p Challenge?

The premise is simple: on day one, you save 1p. On day two, you save 2p. On day three, 3p (and so on). After 365 days have passed you will have 66,795

Do this for the entire year, and by the 365th day (that’s the 31st December, to you and me), you’ll still only be putting 365 ₹.

Run from overpriced gym membership

Opt for any of the big fancy fitness chains and you can expect to pay anything up to 2000 to 3000 ₹ a month. Whilst that may incentivize you to actually go, there are lots of ways to lose a few pounds for fewer pounds.

Your university is likely to offer most facilities for a fraction of the cost, with no lengthy contract. Or you could check out Hussle for hundreds of pay-as-you-go or no-frills gyms popping up all over the country.

Don’t pay for software

This does not mean We’re not talking illegal downloads here, but from writing to image editing, there’s a free alternative out there – some good enough to pass for pro products costing £70 and up.

Libre Office does everything Microsoft Office can, Gimpshop (not what you’re thinking) gives Photoshop a run for its money, while Google Drive and Dropbox offer free cloud storage.

Go with cash on nights out

Plastic money(using credit cards or debit cards) are in trends nowadays. I like people who spend using their credit cards smartly but most the people fall into the trap.

Even the strictest, most money-conscious of us are a little free-spirited with the old debit card once we’ve had a few drinks. If you only take cash with you on a night out, you’re sure to never go over budget.

25 bonus tips for students

  1. Get video subscribed with a group of people like Udemy.
  2. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semester’s books back.
  3. Don’t make impulse purchases.
  4. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  5. Limit the number of times you eat out monthly.
  6. Cut out vices – smoking and binge drinking are terrible for you and expensive.
  7. Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
  8. If you have a credit card, pay it off as quickly as possible. (It’s good to establish credit, but a bad credit score follows you everywhere.)
  9. Walk, use public transportation or ride a bike instead of having a car.
  10. Live with others so you can split rent and utilities.
  11. Cut out expensive cable packages you don’t need.
  12. Consider more basic phone packages or plans that include unlimited texting with free incoming calls
  13. Don’t buy the most expensive college meal plans. Figure out what you actually consume and get the correlating package.
  14. Shop where they offer student discounts. There are so many places that offer discounts to students with a school ID.
  15. Look into a campus gym versus a gym in town. Many colleges offer memberships for free or at a reduced rate for students.
  16. When planning meals, make dinner with friends and split the cost of groceries. Often times, you’ll be cooking too much for one person anyway!
  17. Sell what you no longer use or need. There are plenty of stores and web sites, like Poshmark and Craigslist, where you can sell your used clothing, furniture or tech items.
  18. Don’t buy unnecessary school supplies. Why buy cumbersome notebooks when you can type on your laptop? It’s better for the earth anyway!
  19. Don’t buy books you will only need for a short period of time – check them out from the library instead.
  20. Take advantage of what your campus has to offer in terms of activities, rather than spending money on going out. Many campuses have an array of museums, offer movie nights and other social events for cheaper or, sometimes, for free.
  21. Skip expensive spring break and summer trips – look into alternatives, like volunteering, instead.
  22. Wait to get a pet until after college – a pet can become very expensive. Not only do you have another mouth to feed, but veterinary bills are costly. If you love animals, there are plenty of shelters that need volunteers.
  23. Go to class. You’re paying for it and skipping is like throwing money out the window!
  24. Drink water. It’s free and better for you, anyway.
  25. Make your own coffee. While coffee shops are convenient, they charge hefty prices that really add up over time.

Have some more tips add in the comments. Happy to add them in above list.

best credit card offers in india

Best cashback and rewards credit cards in India 2019

With the invention of credit cards, shopping has become easier and more convenient. We don’t need to carry cash in our wallet. All you need to do is a swipe.

Credit cards also offer customers benefits in the form of rewards or cashback. It is a difficult task to choose a card that gets us maximum benefit. In the cashback scheme, you will get cashback on your spends. You get a predetermined percentage of cashback into your credit card account.

In the rewards scheme, depending on the card that you have, points will be rewarded on your spend.

I have tried to create a list of the Best cashback and rewards credit card in India of different categories like- Best Travel Credit card, Best Cashback Credit Card, etc.

Click on the link below to get detailed information of my best personal credit cards.

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Jio fiber broadband launch on Reliance Jio’s 3rd Anniversary

Jio Fiber broadband launch on 5 September 2019: Plans, set-top box offer, how to apply

We can save a good amount of money by using Reliance Jio’s fiber broadband service. Good thing is that it provides a bundle of 3 services- Broadband Internet, Landline phone and DTH services.

Coinciding with the third anniversary of the launch of Reliance Jio’s telecom operations on 5 September 2016, Reliance Jio is launching Jio Fiber broadband services across the country today. It is being expected that Jio Fiber will come up with a launch offer of a free set-top-box, zero installation charges and complimentary plan of 1-2 months.

Jio Fiber plans:

Reliance Jio will announce the detailed tariff of its broadband plans later on in the day but Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman had already announced that monthly plans will begin from ₹700 and go up to ₹10,000 for heavy-duty users. Those in the ₹700 broadband plan will enjoy internet speeds at the rate of 100 Mbps. As you move up the price ladder, the speed will also increase and go up to 1 Gbps.

Using fiber cable technology, Jio Fiber is a triple-play plan offering a bundle of landline, TV and broadband services. All those who buy Jio Fiber broadband connection will enjoy free landline connection with unlimited voice calling for life. Data usage is also likely to be capped.

Jio Fiber launch offers:

To woo direct-to-home and cable TV users, the telecom operator is likely to provide a free set-top box with every broadband connection, PTI reported. Those who buy ‘Jio Forever’ annual plans will even get an HD or 4K LED TV and a 4K set-top box absolutely free.

Initially, Jio is keeping installation charges also free of cost. Jio Fiber subscribers will have to pay a refundable security deposit of ₹2,500 to get the router or ONT device.

As part of its launch offer, Jio Fiber is also likely to be kept free for the next 1-2 months, according to media reports.

Jio Fiber Plans – Is it the Fastest and Cheapest Broadband Service in India?

Reliance Industries at its annual AGM only announced two key Jio Fiber Plans for customers. The Jio Fiber Cheapest Plan which will offer 100 Mbps speed internet connectivity will cost customers Rs 700/- per month. On the other hand, the second and most expensive plan of Jio Giga Fiber offers super-high-speed internet connectivity at 1 Gbps speed and will be charged at Rs 10,000 per month.

Plan Internet Speed Price
Basic / Cheapest Plan 100 Mbps Rs 700/- per month
Premium / Expensive Plan 1 Gbps Rs 10,000/- per month

Jio Fiber Availability – Where is Jio Giga Fiber Available Now?

Starting today, Reliance Jio has officially started the commercial launch of the Jio Giga Fiber services across India. Currently, Jio Fiber Service is being offered only in major cities and towns of India, but as announced earlier, it will soon be extended to the entire length and breadth of the country. The List of Cities where Reliance Jio Fiber can be installed today includes:

Delhi Ghaziabad Lucknow
Mumbai Bhubaneshwar Jamshedpur
Kolkata Varanasi Haridwar
Jaipur Allahabad Gaya
Hyderabad Bengaluru Patna
Surat Surat Port Blair
Vadodara Agra Punjab
Chennai Meerut
Noida Vizag

How to Register for Jio Fiber ?

Just like the Jio Prepaid and Postpaid services, availing or registering for Reliance Jio Fiber has also been made very easy using the Jio GigaFiber website. Interested customers can follow the simple steps provided below to register for Jio Fiber Broadband:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Jio GigaFiber i.e. https://gigafiber.jio.com
  • Step 2: Enter Your Home Address / Work Address / Select the Current Location
  • Step 3: Confirm All the Details
  • Step 4: Input your Personal Details i.e. Name, Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Step 5: Agree to Terms and Conditions of Service
  • Step 6: Generate OTP and Input OTP on the next page for verification

Step 7: After completing the registration process, Jio Fiber Executive will visit your place for feasibility study and installation

Buying a Jio Fiber connection? Here’s why your existing DTH connection will be useless!

Jio GigaFiber services also include a fixed-line phone service, Free 4K TV and Jio IoT services, but the thing that will make you want to switch to Jio Fiber is the set-top box that aims to provide ultra-high-definition entertainment that also includes gaming!

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd, made an announcement on August 12 last month that the commercial rollout of Jio GigaFibre or Jio Fiber will start from September 5.

Apart from a fast broadband internet connection, Jio Fiber services also include a fixed-line phone service, Free 4K TV and Jio IoT services, but the thing that will make you want to switch to Jio Fiber from your existing DTH connection is the set-top box that aims to provide ultra-high-definition entertainment that also includes gaming!

The Jio Fiber broadband services will come as another blow to market leader Bharti Airtel after it had to face huge losses in the mobile internet space. Bank of America Merrill Lynch report has said that the Jio Fiber entry is “neutral to slight negative” for Bharti Airtel. The report also added that most direct-to-home (DTH) companies are unlikely to bundle cable and broadband services together and will hence be “most vulnerable”.

RIL also has three leading cable Multiple System Operators (MSOs), Hathway, DEN and GTPL, and 30,000 local cable operators (LCOs) in its kitty and won’t have problems in offering the largest mix of HD channels to customers with enhanced features and better customer experience than DTH. Hathway and Den together have access to 2.4 crore cable-connected homes.

Besides the TV, JioFiber also offers low latency, high-speed cloud gaming experience, video calling, and VR and MR (Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) services through its STB (set-top box). And if all that wasn’t enough, Reliance Jio Fiber service will let its subscribers watch free OTT content.

The company hasn’t revealed the names of the OTT platforms but Jio’s content streaming apps like JioCinema, JioTV and JioSaavn will be made available for free. Jio will also be offering ‘Jio First Day First Show’ service for the premium JioFiber customers wherein the customer will get to watch a film at home on the day of release. No other existing DTH provider offer these many services to their customers.

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Every Online Purchase In india

Simple Ways to Save Money on Every Online Purchase In India

Ever since the beginning of this blog, I’ve loved sharing tips for saving money as I’ve picked up more tricks.

I have been using below given tips from a long time ago. So I thought it was high time I should share my Simple Ways to Save Money on Every Online Purchase In India
How to get cash back’s, how to get a refund when price drops and you have bought it at a higher price, and how to use every tool out there to stretch every penny from buying clothing, home decor, furniture, appliances, groceries, whatever you can think up.

Let’s assume you want to buy a phone. For buying a phone do spend your days searching on google or asking for friends. Now you have finalized the exact phone you want to buy.

Now follow below-mentioned steps to get it at the best price guaranteed.

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Save money with Credit card

11 Ways Your Credit Card Can Save You Money

Do you believe credit cards can save money for you? Yes, it’s true. You can actually save money while using credit cards if you can relate to the tips mentioned in the article.


The most credit savvy among us has been able to use credit cards to their benefit in order to wisely and optimally save money even while charging on their cards.
Most advice about credit cards warns you about the dangers, the risk of getting into debt, and the potential for paying hundreds of bucks in interest and fees.
With my experience of using a credit card, I fall into category one. I can see that because of the below reasons.

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Money Saving Tips in India

10 tips to save money that I personally follow and everyone should know

We all want to save money. Use these money saving tips to identify which suits best for you and save money in your day to day life.

1-Saving money using saving bank accounts

Do you know we can get interest upto 8% in our savings bank account if we use the below tip.


Using cash sweep method.

What is the cash sweep method?

 Bank’s Sweep-in Facility enables you to earn an interest rate that’s as high as a Fixed Deposit – in your Savings Account. Savings Accounts have higher liquidity, in that they can be withdrawn from at any time, but Fixed Deposits don’t have the benefit of such high liquidity. 

This feature gives you the liquidity of a Savings Account coupled with high earnings of a Fixed Deposit. This is achieved by creating a Fixed Deposit linked to your Savings Account providing you the following unique facilities.

I always keep some money in my saving account which I  can withdraw as and when required. This money gives me not more than 3.5 to 4% interest because this is what any bank offers for a saving account. But I use above cash sweep method to earn more than this.

I have seen most of the banks offer this facility for with no extra charge. You just need to open a Fixed deposit and link it to your savings account. That’s it!

Or You must talk to your bank to get it enabled.

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How to Save Money using cashback websites.

Money Saving tips
 It takes drop by drop to fill a pitcher


I am buying stuff online for many years now.  The one thing that I like the most is to get discounted rates and saving money over and above all the discounts.

 Do you know?, Online shopping websites offer a discount that is fantastic compared to offline merchants in the form of a sales campaign. 

Now let’s understand how we can save money from online shopping? 

In the form of cashback!

What is cashback?

cashback is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

Why someone will give you money back when you are buying from them?

The sellers do not give money back to you instead seller pays the amount to those who promote their products. Now, these promoters want to share their earned fees with the customers so that customer always buys from their promoted links.

Now everyone is happy. Sellers are getting more orders, promoters are getting more promotion fees and customers are saving a little extra than what they would have missed.

Do you want to save more now?

If the answer is Yes so this article is for you. You purchase as usual and save extra for every order you make.

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